New Orleans is home to a huge number of businesses, with some of the leading industries including oil and gas, tourism, and aerospace manufacturing. With businesses both big and small in this city and many businesses growing rapidly, businesses are seeking a better, more robust IT company in New Orleans to help streamline processes and scale their operations as they grow.

But some companies are choosing to manage all their big-picture and day-to-day IT needs on their own, often without the real resources to do so. Managing IT for a business isn’t just about troubleshooting any problems that might occur, but also planning and executing smart strategies that help the business to stay up to date.

Small and medium businesses in particular may struggle to find the time and budget to create the IT infrastructure necessary to support their business as it grows. Even hiring a team of in-house IT specialists can come with a lofty price tag and often without all the resources and up-to-date research your business technology needs in order to improve.

Getting ahead on your IT strategy by using an outsourced IT company in New Orleans will help put your business in the best position to succeed. At lower costs than in-house teams, managed IT service teams give you the resources and attention you need at an affordable price. Knowing the signs that your business needs help from such a company will allow you to take the next step and seek an IT provider that works for you:

1. You haven’t implemented a cybersecurity plan.

There are various, increasingly dangerous cyberthreats that can cause major detriment to your business if left unchecked. Without a cybersecurity plan, your business is at risk not only for hefty fees in cleanup after a data breach but also for loss of customer trust and even legal complications. In fact, there are several laws in Louisiana that require certain businesses to create advanced IT infrastructures and implement detailed cybersecurity plans to protect confidential information of clients and customers.

Some of the threats to your organization can include ransomware, viruses, phishing, and malware. All sizes of companies and organizations can be targeted by these threats. For example, in July 2019, the Louisiana Governor issued a statewide cybersecurity emergency due to three public schools being affected by a malware attack. Cybersecurity threats can cause disruption to normal business operation, limit access to files, and put your clients at a privacy risk, leaving your company to face lawsuits, legal fines, and thousands of dollars in repairs. Ensuring you have a strong cybersecurity plan protects you and your clients from the impact of these threats.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity planning to a team of IT professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to create custom security measures can help your New Orleans business stay safe and continue thriving. Keeping up with the newest threats from malware and other threats is both simpler and more cost-effective with professional IT services.

2. You have an in-house IT specialist, but he or she is overwhelmed.

It’s likely that for a growing business, a single IT professional simply won’t have the time nor the resources to tackle everything from servers and data warehouses, to network connection, to cybersecurity. By charging your IT specialist with all of these tasks, you’re putting your IT infrastructure at risk as your specialist will likely only have time to deal with major IT issues that prevent business operations rather than keep up on necessary maintenance and data privacy. Perhaps even other members of staff end up helping with IT problems, taking time away from them completing their other important job duties.

The reality is that one IT specialist just won’t be able to scale their efforts along with the growing needs of your business. You might consider hiring more in-house staff, but as mentioned, the cost of several dedicated in-house specialists is steep at best. Many small and medium businesses can’t afford to pay a whole team of IT experts to take care of their technology needs.

3. Troubleshooting technology is getting in the way of you running your business.

Is your New Orleans company constantly having to put out fires where technology is concerned? If so, your IT strategy needs a facelift. If instead of being able to concentrate on running your business, you have to spend time solving IT problems, this is a sign you need to hire an IT company in New Orleans to help.

If your business currently manages your IT in-house, your staff could be using up a lot of their time at work just tackling more severe IT problems rather than taking preventative measures to ensure these problems don’t occur in the first place. This leads to more downtime and reduced levels of productivity, which can cause major damage to overall business growth.

By outsourcing your IT support, you can free up you and the rest of your staff to focus on the necessary tasks required to run your business. Even if you have your own IT staff on site, you can lighten their work load and ensure all issues—both minor and severe—are solved quickly and efficiently.

4. You’re network infrastructure can’t keep up with your business growth.

As your business grows, the needs of your business expand too. There are two key things that you will require as your business gets bigger: You need an IT support staff that can keep up with the needs of your business, and you need IT professionals that can oversee an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Your IT support staff should have all of the latest knowledge and training so that they can deliver for your business’s needs as they expand. They need to know about the latest cybersecurity threats and updated software that can meet your business’s needs.

Your IT team should also have a firm understanding of your business goals and be able to customize your IT strategy accordingly. They should apply their knowledge of the latest innovations to tailor specific plans for your business that meet your current needs and align with your goals for the future.

If your IT strategy is not currently supporting your intended output and projections for the future, it’s time to hire a managed IT service provider who can help you do just that. When you use a managed services provider, you benefit from IT professionals who are provided with continuing education and research regarding the latest advancements and best practices in information technology. They can create a custom plan for your business’s IT that scales along with you as you grow.

5. You don’t have an IT strategy at all.

Perhaps the biggest warning signal that your New Orleans business needs help from an IT company is that you have no specific IT strategy at all.

To make the most of available technology, businesses should have a strategic plan for how their IT practices and procedures will help them meet monthly, yearly, and long-term goals. This plan should specify exactly how and when upgrades, new equipment purchases, and infrastructure changes will occur and to what purpose. If your current IT staff cannot articulate these plans to you, it’s a sign they may not have any such plans, which can delay the projected growth and goals you have for your business.

An excellent IT company in New Orleans such as our teams at Prytania create detailed plans for how IT will be implemented and improved overtime to align with your business strategy. Instead of aimlessly using technology to no specific end, we make sure we communicate in clear, concise terms—not geek speak—what we are doing with your IT to help your business grow and why.

If you find your business exhibits any of the above signs, Prytania is happy to help your business’s IT get where it needs to be in order to thrive. Contact us today for a consultation or to learn more.