Whether in business or in life in general, there’s always a benefit to being responsive and respectful when communicating. From responding to a clients email, to answering a friends text message, nobody wants to be waiting around for a response. Answering promptly and respectfully will go a long way towards a positive result. Say you are an independent contractor looking for work. A potential client reaches out to you about a quote or a job offer. The message may not having a ticking clock attached to it, but the sender is expecting to hear from you as soon as possible. You have everything to lose by dragging your feet and not being responsive. There are of course exceptions as to why you can’t get back to someone immediately but barring that, there’s no reason you can’t answer someone within 24 hours. Any longer and you risk losing potential business. In this day and age, everyone has their cell phone on them. There’s always time to reach out to someone or answer their question. This small act may seem like a little thing, but answering back promptly shows that you respect this person’s time or effort to reach out to you. And that goes a long way in today’s business climate. Building respect and trust is valuable to gaining a positive reputation for your business. Even if things don’t work out this time for a particular client, you will be the 1st name in their mind when they need other work done or when someone they know needs help. Being respectful will also go a long way towards building good will for yourself or company. Sometimes things happen and people get upset. They may even express their frustration through a nasty phone call or email. The key to handling this is to respond respectfully and diffuse the situation. There’s nothing to gain by answering back in kind. Being known as the company or employee that prides themself on respect is a great trait to have. You have everything to gain by being respectful when dealing with potential clients. Respect is also a great motivator in the workplace. Having the respect of your peers or superiors means you don’t have to stress about your opinions being valued. Everyone having respect for each other fosters a culture of success. You always know you or your team are motivated to keep that respect. Everyone is looking out for each other to make sure the company is a success.