Prytania understands that in these unprecedented times more of your employees are working from home than ever before. With the speed of transition some businesses weren’t as prepared as they would have liked to have been for the remote work transition. To help address some of the key issues that arise in the work from home environment, Prytania has put together the following guide to help your employees make the best of their work from home setup.

  1. Install Updates – Modern programs are extremely complicated pieces of software. Often stability and security issues are not found before the software is distributed. Because of this it is important to keep your computer and applications up to date with the most recent updates and patches. For your work computer Prytania is taking care of this step, on your home computer it is important to make sure that your computer is regularly installing updates to keep it secure and working properly.
  2. Security Software – Make sure your home computer has a security program running on it and that it is set to receive regular updates. Computers running Windows 10 will be fine using the built-in Windows Security as long as it is kept up to date. If you are using your work computer at home Prytania is actively managing your computer security software.
  3. Lock Your Computer – When you’re not going to be in front of your computer it is always the best practice to lock it. This will prevent people from accessing your computer while it is not in use. While at home you might not have to worry about malicious activity on your computer but you should still lock it to protect it from people who might use it to visit sites that could contain mal-ware or young hands that could delete work on accident.
  4. Be Alert – Criminals are already tailoring attacks for employees who are not used to working remotely. You’ll need to be extra vigilant with regards to phishing attacks from phony email accounts trying to gain access to your account information or posing as management staff to get accounting personal to transfer funds out of the company. Make sure proper systems of authorization are maintained and increased if possible. Double check that all emails and text messages are from legitimate sources.
  5. When in Doubt, Ask – If you see something that appears to be suspicious contact Prytania right away. Often large issues can be prevented if they are dealt with early. This goes for security issues or a simple question as to how or where to save a document now that you are working out of the office.

Prytania is here to support your business IT needs. While we cannot take responsibility for managing employees’ home computers, we are ready to make sure that your employees are able to utilize your business IT systems.

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