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Migrate your office applications, email, calendars, and team collaboration to the Cloud to gain the benefits of internet based computing.  Whether you use Microsoft Office or Google G Suite applications for your business, we can work with you to increase your productivity, accessibility, and security for your business applications and data.


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Lower Costs

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Cloud computing pools all of the computing resources that can be distributed to applications as needed – optimizing the use of the sum of the computing resources and delivering better efficiency and utilization of the entire shared infrastructure. Cost management tools in the public cloud take lowering costs a step further to manage and optimize your cloud spend for the most efficiency.

Scale As Needed

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As your applications grow, you can add storage, RAM, Storage, and CPU capacity as needed.  This means you can buy “just enough” and scale as the application demands grow.

Cap-Ex Free Computing

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Whether you go with a public cloud or outsourced private cloud computing option, cloud computing delivers a better cash flow by eliminating the capital expense associated with building the server infrastructure.

Lower Maintenance Costs

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Driven by 2 factors:  Less hardware and outsourced, shared IT staff.  Because cloud computing uses fewer physical resources, there is less hardware to power and maintain.  With an outsourced cloud, you don’t need to keep server, storage, network, and virtualization experts on staff full time.  You get economy of scale of those expert resources through Prytania.

Deploy Projects Faster

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Because servers can be brought up & destroyed in a matter of minutes, the time to deploy a new application drops dramatically with cloud computing.  Rather than installing and networking a new hardware server, the new server can be dialed up and imaged in through a self-serve control console. Or better yet, with a private cloud, we can dial up a new server with a single call or support ticket.


Resiliency and Redundancy

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One of the benefits of a private cloud deployment is that you can get automatic fail-over between hardware platforms and disaster recovery services to bring up your server set in a separate data center should your primary data center experience an outage.

Cloud Office Applications


Use Microsoft Office 365 or Google’s G Suite for business email, contacts, calendars, document creation and management, video conferencing, cloud storage, and file sharing. Get all the tools your team needs to collaborate and get more done.

Cloud Computing


Whether your requirements are Desktops and/or Servers in the Cloud, we have you covered.  Working with our partners at Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, Prytania can support any of your Cloud Computing requirements.

Cloud Storage


Get the type and amount of cloud storage for your specific requirements.  We can support high frequency access, low frequency access, or archive storage needs.  Prytania leverages the best partner solutions by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon to meet your needs. Having these options enables you to keep your costs aligned with your storage requirements.


What People Are Saying

Prytania migrated our office applications and documents to the cloud using Microsoft Office 365.  Our team is located in our main office and in the field visiting patients.  We need to be in constant communication regardless of our location.  Prytania has implemented a solution leveraging mobile devices and Office 365 that provides us with a high performance and secure communications solution. Their ongoing support keeps the system up and running at all times.

David Martin

At Home Healthcare

Our practice spans three locations across the Greater New Orleans area.  Working with Prytania, we leveraged Cloud technology to connect our practice locations to enable more efficient and effective processes.  Our solution is secure and HIPPA compliant, while providing our staff to access information across all locations.  

Dr. Nelson Curtis

All American Healthcare

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