Businesses in Jefferson Parish, just like firms elsewhere in the country, need to create robust cybersecurity plans to protect themselves against the very real possibility of an attack. Small businesses often operate on the assumption that they’re “too small” to become a victim of a cybercrime or “under the radar.” But the figures tell a different story. More than 43 percent of all cyber attacks are against small businesses; and given that small firms don’t have the same resources to bounce back after an incident as their larger counterparts, there are more reasons than ever for them to create bullet-proof cybersecurity plans. 

Check out some of these benefits and reasons to invest in your cybersecurity and protect your company’s digital assets. 

Protect Your Business From Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most insidious developments in the fight between companies and cybercriminals. Hackers are increasingly trying to steal company data and then offering management ransoms for its safe return. It’s like something out of the nineteenth century.

The task for firms, therefore, is twofold: working out how to prevent their data from being stolen and finding ways to duplicate it so that even if the worst happens, they’ve got a backup. Ransome payments can be substantial in Jefferson Parish. Criminals will ask for the maximum sum that they think the company will be willing to pay, depending on the private value of the data to the firm. You can imagine that a company might be willing to hand over a lot to regain access to all the data contained within its customer relationship management system. 

Protect The Reputation Of Your Company

Let’s be clear: firms are the victims of cybercriminals. However, the attitude of society is not compassionate: both government and customers tend to come down hard on firms who suffer digital security breaches. Governments are liable to impose fines on those who lose personally identifiable data, and customers may decide to take their business elsewhere. If a company can’t look after their data, why should they trust it? 

Data breaches are serious events, especially if the incident becomes public knowledge. It pays, therefore, to invest money in preventing data loss to preserve reputation. Jefferson Parish businesses often find that they more than make up for the expense of security fees from improved customer trust and higher revenues. 

Gain Competitive Advantage By Protecting Sensitive Data

Data isn’t just operationally significant; it’s also strategically advantageous too. The best companies in the world rely on their data advantage, not their patented IP. Those with the most extensive data siloes have the most potent tools to influence customers and build better products. 

Companies that successfully protect their data put themselves ahead of the pack. Not only can they make better decisions, but they can also keep their trade secrets secret. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan, therefore, is a way of protecting long-term competitive advantage and preventing hackers from selling your know-how to the highest bidder. 

Improved Employee Relationships

It’s not just customers who want you to protect their data; employees do too. The people who work for your organization hand over an enormous amount of sensitive personal data when you hire them. Demographic information, like their date and place of birth, are just a part of it. Firms often have personally identifiable medical information, data on a person’s criminal record, and bank details. Hackers can take all of this information, bundle it up, create a profile of a person and use it against them in a variety of fields. It could lead to personal disaster. 

As a firm, your primary tasks is to build trust among your employees. Workers need to see that you’re taking active steps to protect their information and that you’re not just trying to keep costs as low as possible. Taking their data seriously is a way of showing that you care about their wellbeing and want what’s best for them: an idea that many employees treat with skepticism. 

Streamline Your Response

Even with the best policies, your company will likely experience a damaging cybersecurity incident at some point. It’s an inevitability of doing business in the early 21st century and something with which you need to contend. 

Successful companies, therefore, put policies in place which enable them to streamline their response to threats. When you have a plan in place, your IT team knows precisely what they need to do, and in what order, minimizing disruption to your operations, and maximizing your chances of resolving the issue fast. You need to know who has the authority to do what, and which members of your IT department are responsible for various tasks.