In today’s world your electronic data is at the heart of your business. To defend your business data Prytania leverages Webroot Endpoint protection as a cornerstone of our security platform. WebRoot helps us ensure that your data is keep secure and your business can continue to work as efficiently as possible, without being slowed down by malicious software or cumbersome protection software. Webroot Endpoint protection uses an innovative cloud computing approach that allows it to stand out from other products on the market. By using the vast power of cloud computing WebRoot can detect and stop threats as they spread and prevent them from becoming a threat to your network. Furthermore, the use of cloud computing moves the processing burden from your equipment to the cloud, which mean that your computers are free to do the work of running your business. Today’s malware in constantly evolving as cyber-crime has become big business. To protect your data your protections needs to continually be on top of the latest threats. This is another area where the Webroot cloud computing solution supplies a real advantage over the competition. By compiling data on all the threats, it finds on client machines along with other sources Webroot can find and contain threats at a greater speed than most other products on the market. Using this cloud methods Webroot is constantly making sure that your computers are protected against the latest threats out there.