Today’s businesses have a variety of IT needs, regardless of what industry they operate in. As businesses seek to increase productivity and profitability by implementing new tech, the potential for commercial success relies heavily on your IT infrastructure.

To enhance your performance, you’ll want to access the best IT solutions and services. Fortunately, managed IT services make it possible for any organization to get the custom IT support they require. To understand just how outsourced IT services can benefit your business, take a look at three distinct advantages of outsourced IT services over in-house IT:

1. Reduced Cost

With so many specialist areas within the IT industry, it is unrealistic for most organizations to hire the personnel they really need to manage their entire IT infrastructure. Fortunately, outsourcing your IT services ensures you will have access to the range of IT technicians you need without overspending.

In many cases, using managed IT services is actually about the cost, if not cheaper, than hiring one salaried IT professional. With outsourced IT services, you get a whole team of fully equipped professionals, access to greater resources, and total IT management for a low monthly fee that will save you money in the long run.

Furthermore, effectively managed IT services will enable your business to operate with increased productivity. With disaster prevention, enhanced cyber security, robust networks and 24/7 support, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result, your business won’t suffer the costs or reputational damage associated with hardware failures, extended downtime, security breaches, or data loss.

With the potential to reduce your company’s expenditure by a significant amount and enhance its operations, it’s easy to see why managed IT services are the preferred option for many successful businesses.

2. Complete IT Solutions

The vast majority of businesses rely on IT support to maintain infrastructure health and ensure systems are working securely and efficiently. However, many in-house IT teams lack the time and resources to perform 24/7 system monitoring, strategize IT growth, and manage day-to-day IT tasks.

When you work with a Managed Service Provider, your IT infrastructure is established, managed and upgraded by one, unified team of IT professionals. This ensures seamless connectivity and functionality as well as that all your IT needs are met.

They also differ from general IT support companies, which some companies may rely on in what is known as the break/fix IT approach. In these instances, companies hire generic support only when an issue has arisen and needs fixing. Managed services, however, is a much more viable option because they continually monitor your systems, looking for vulnerabilities to patch. That way, they reduce risk and eliminate root causes of downtime rather than waiting for problems to occur. This saves your business time and money in the long term.

Additionally, when you hire generic IT support companies, they aren’t looking to understand your business needs and goals for future growth, so it’s likely the IT solutions they will offer aren’t always the best for your business. Managed Service Providers seek to understand each business they work with, their strategies, and their procedures so they can provide the best custom IT solutions—both now and for the future. This also allows for greater adaptability and scalability within your infrastructure so it can grow along with your business rather than be restructured every few years.

What’s more, your systems, hardware, software, and custom operations are all monitored by your managed services provider. This ensures every technician or engineer who works with you will have a full history of how your infrastructure has been developed.

This knowledge enables IT professionals to deliver faster solutions and better results. Whether you’re preparing for infrastructure upgrades, increasing data storage or implementing security protocols, working with one managed service provider gives you on-going access to a complete suite of IT solutions.

3. No Need for You to Be an Expert

The IT sector is vast, and managing an IT infrastructure requires skill knowledge in a variety of different areas of IT. Attempting to stay on top of the latest IT challenges is a full-time job, which means businesses who manage their IT in-house could be spending a considerable amount of time simply deciding which IT solutions are right for your company.

In addition to this, trying to resolve IT issues without sufficient resources to combat advanced threats or upgrade your systems means that downtime can increase and safety can be compromised. When you’re forced to focus on your company’s IT needs rather than rely on a team of professionals, it means you are pulled away from your core business areas to troubleshoot your tech. Of course, this prevents you from undertaking other critical tasks and could have a negative impact on your business’s performance.

By using managed IT services, however, you can access the professional expertise you require and rely on their total management experience, without attempting to incorporate IT planning, solutions, and support into your own role. Instead, your IT team will communicate clear plans for changes or developments in your infrastructure so you are aware of what’s going on with your IT without having to manage it yourself.

Overall, outsourcing your IT to a reputable Managed Service Provider such as Prytania gives businesses the advantage they need. From round-the-clock support and cyber security to cloud solutions and disaster recovery, Prytania ensures your business has the IT infrastructure it needs to flourish.