Any successful Denver company knows that IT prowess is vital to success. Thanks to a competitive business market and a load of tech know-how in Colorado’s capital, a failure to get on top here leaves companies lagging and ultimately failing.

The trouble is that in-house IT implementations aren’t always practical. That’s why an average 300,000 jobs are outsourced each year, with IT the most popular of all. By seeking outsourced IT services, companies are better able to achieve the technology they need, all while saving costs and freeing productivity.

That’s an impressive goal, one that perhaps your business is already seeking to achieve. In-house IT companies are no longer providing the resources and input necessary for growing businesses. To really succeed, your IT provider needs to evolve with your business and create an IT strategy that is fully scalable to the growth you intend to achieve in the future.

If you’re considering upgrading your IT provider, here are some signs that you’ve outgrown your IT company and it’s time to seek a more robust solution through managed IT services:

Response times are no longer what they should be.

Given that most Denver companies now rely on their technological abilities, your IT company is only as valuable as their response times. Quick, efficient response times are necessary to avoid detrimental periods of downtime and uphold a professional image in a competitive market.

If your IT company is taking several hours or even days to respond to or fix issues, it’s a sure sign they’re no longer a viable option for your business. Even if they were able to keep on top of your demands to start with, unforeseen delays should leave you questioning whether your needs have outgrown their abilities.

In an ideal world, you want an IT company who can respond to problems in real time, no matter when they occur. This can both help you to get back up and running and hide the issue from customers. If your current IT company no longer offer that, then there’s little chance the relationship can work moving forward.

Your IT provider doesn’t have a clear strategy.

As you know, strategy matters in business. It simply isn’t enough for an IT company to join your ranks without a specific, timely plan for your infrastructure growth. As well as offering support, a reliable IT company in Denver will take the time to understand what they can provide your business as it stands, and what they can do for you in the future.

As you work with an outsourced IT team, these experts can work with you and meet with you regularly to establish an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals, guaranteeing your IT will grow along with your business. Obviously, these plans are liable to change with your business trajectory, but a basic strategy is vital for efficient IT services.

If an IT company doesn’t have any precise strategy behind their approach, then you’re sure to outgrow them. While this might be fine when your IT needs are modest, there’s simply no way such a company will keep up as you evolve. If anything, their lack of strategic thinking could start setting you back or leading to the slow responses already mentioned. And, when that happens, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek a company with a more strategic approach.

They struggle to manage and update cybersecurity.

Having a reliable cybersecurity plan is an absolute business essential for your Denver business. Some wide-scale cases in recent years have shown us precisely how bad the impact of cybersecurity breaches can be, leaving everything from customer credit card details to social security numbers and other personal information at risk. If you suffer a breach, your company is responsible for paying any fees associated with ransomware, cleanup, lawsuits, and more, along with dealing with a reputational blow you may never recover from.

Cybersecurity alone is a big reason many companies turn to IT companies in the first place. As such, a provider who isn’t adequately planning for and preventing cybersecurity threats isn’t worth keeping on your payroll.

As well as continual monitoring of computer safety, a reliable outsourced IT company can implement a rounded cybersecurity plan for protection. This typically involves dark-web monitoring, vulnerability scans, and 2-factor authentication. They can take preemptive measures to ensure data breaches and other threats are much less likely to occur.

You’re dealing with frequent IT issues.

IT issues may be an inevitability in this inter-connected age, but a good IT company should be able to stop regular problems from impacting your workday. As such, most IT issues should remain undetected by personnel while providers address them rather than lead to downtime or have other negative impacts on your productivity.

If you’re experiencing frequent issues that you’re having to contact your IT company about, it’s a sure sign your IT needs have outgrown their services. Even if their response times are good, this back-and-forth (and any side effects of the ongoing issues) costs valuable time and effort that you won’t be able to afford as your company develops.

With continual monitoring and ongoing strategic improvements, an outsourced managed IT services company can tackle issues before they reach the surface of business production and take a toll on your output.

Finding the Right Company for You

If it’s evident that you’ve outgrown your current IT provider, then it’s time to start thinking about switching to a more reliable IT company in Denver. At Prytania, we offer several services and resources that are lacking amongst in-house IT teams, such as

  • Fast response times,
  • A strategic approach that matches your business goals,
  • A comprehensive cybersecurity plan,
  • Continual IT monitoring and maintenance,
  • And more.

We know precisely what it takes to scale your Denver business strategies to a growing business, and we promise to be there every step of the way. While letting go of an IT company you’ve trusted can be tough, it’s essential for competing in a tough business market.