If you operate a business in St Tammany Parish and you’re tired of paying high computing costs, then you’re not alone. Dozens of companies in the area face mounting IT demands and fees that are increasing faster than they can grow their revenues.

But all is not lost. While IT costs can grow disproportionately when you try to do everything in-house, IT services can help companies keep expenses down while providing them with the flexibility that they need to scale. 

Check out some of the profound benefits of IT services that your firm could enjoy. 

Benefit #1: Focus On Your Core Business Operations

Often, the most successful companies are those that focus on a single product or service and deliver it better than anyone else. You don’t need to be twice as good or three times as good as your nearest rival: just 10 percent better will do, and customers will come running. 

But to eke out a 10 percent performance advantage, you need to be able to concentrate on the core operations of your firm. Ancillary tasks, like managing your computer network, should hum away in the background, like your utility services. Resolving IT issues shouldn’t take up large chunks of your time. 

The sad truth, however, is that many firm owners and managers spend some or all of their time trying to troubleshoot IT problems instead of developing new ideas to meet customer needs better. It’s a tragic waste of time and, thanks to IT services in St Tammany Parish, unnecessary. 

Benefit #2: Cut Labor Costs

Running an IT network is expensive. It’s not so much the equipment or maintenance costs that sting, but the high salaries of people who work in the IT field. Hiring a senior IT manager is not cheap. 

IT services slash the cost of labor costs. Third-party providers oversee multiple IT networks for a variety of clients, streamlining operations, and cutting overall labor input. These firms then pass on savings to customers like you, allowing you to pay considerably less overall  – often, an order of magnitude or more. 

Benefit #3: Implement New Technology Quickly

Organizations in St Tammany Parish that try to implement changes to their IT services in-house can quickly run into trouble. Installing new software across a network, managing access, and installing updates can all cause substantial disruption, especially if your network depends on a single server. 

IT services, however, enable you to skirt around this problem. Managed IT providers create updates in virtual environments and then switch you over once your new network is stable. Often, you’re not even aware that updates have been installed. 

Benefit #4: Boost Efficiency

In-house IT departments that try to do all their research and development by themselves can experience significant cost overruns. Often, it’s much more efficient to pass that responsibility over to a third-party provider who spread the costs of R&D across their entire client base. 

Benefit #5: Catch Up To Big Companies

Building a robust, secure, world-class business network used to be out of the reach of small businesses. The best that they could do was put up with what they had before they grew large enough to improve their systems. 

Outsourcing IT services, however, means that companies of any size can all get access to high-quality network capabilities – something that just wasn’t possible in the past. IT services offer not only high-bandwidth network services, but also provide additional layers of monitoring and security, a capability that use to be the preserve of megacorporations. 

Benefit #6: Better Compliance And Security

Compliance is a complicated affair which relies on multiple systems working in conjunction with one another. Compliance can encompass the following: 

  • DMZ installation
  • Firewall updates
  • Workstation and server audits
  • Backups
  • Payment system compliance
  • E-checks
  • Wire transfers
  • PCI compliance

Unless you have substantial in-house expertise in all these matters, it’s hard to know whether your firm is compliant or not. Most businesses in St Tammany Parish don’t have the people they need to check that every certificate is valid and that they are protecting user data in accordance with US law. IT services, on the other hand, do.

Benefit #7: IT Services Have Seen Practically Every Issue Before

Internal networking is a steep learning curve. You have to learn all of the problems that can emerge when you try to run an IT system in-house from scratch. The advantage of  IT services, therefore, is that you don’t have to go through that learning process yourself: everything that you need to know is already embodied in the people at the IT firm. IT services have experience on their side: something you can leverage to great effect.