All organizations require functional IT systems, but they may not be using cost-effective solutions. While IT repair services may seem like the most logical option for resolving IT issues, you could be spending more than you need to and experiencing increased downtime if you take this approach.

With increased efficiency associated with managed IT services rather than break/fix support, businesses can access more effective IT solutions at a far lower cost. Furthermore, the minimal downtime delivered via managed IT service providers ensures your business is benefitting from optimal productivity.

Break/Fix IT Repairs vs Managed IT Services

To identify the most effective IT support for your organization, it’s important to understand how different IT support works.

The Break/Fix Model

Companies that offer break/fix IT repairs (repairs only when issues arise) are reliant on your using their services repeatedly. Essentially, these companies make more profit when your systems fail more often. As they operate on a break/fix method, there is really no incentive for them to enhance, upgrade, or optimize your IT infrastructure, much less strategize your IT according to your business needs.

The Managed IT Services Model

In contrast, Managed Service Providers offer complete and custom IT solutions and take on the management of your entire IT infrastructure. Because they are being paid month-to-month and rely on customer satisfaction for their business model, they are more dedicated to providing you the services your business really needs to be more secure and efficient.

Additionally, they want to help your business strategize for future IT growth so they can keep working with you as a client. They have much more incentive to keep your systems running optimally, no matter what it takes.

To accomplish this, managed IT services include round-the-clock system monitoring so they can detect vulnerabilities and patch them before they cause downtime or data breaches. When you utilize managed IT services, you will be benefiting from 24/7 support, infrastructure optimization, cyber security, and more, all of which reduce downtime, increase productivity, and enhance security.

Although managed IT service providers charge a monthly fee, the increased functionality offers increased cost-effectiveness for clients. For managed IT service companies, ensuring your IT systems are functional means it costs them less to retain you as a client.

As well as delivering better customer service, it is in the service provider’s interest to keep your systems fully functional at all times. What’s more, Managed Service Providers offer their services at a rate that is generally equal to or less than the cost of one salaried employee, saving you money in the long run.

As you can see, the difference between the two models has a clear impact on the service they deliver and the benefits their clients receive. While repair companies offer temporary fixes and rely on repeated failures to generate a profit, IT managed service providers ensure profitability by keeping their clients’ IT systems operative.

How Do Managed IT Service Providers Increase Efficiency?

In addition to troubleshooting, repairs and support, managed IT services include infrastructure upgrades, hardware maintenance, software upgrades, cloud solutions, cyber security, and much more. Your business can benefit from custom IT solutions that are tailored to meet your business needs and adjust according to business strategy.

Additionally, while all organizations require some form of IT support, some businesses also require sector-specific services too. For engineering, healthcare, and financial organizations, for example, they may use particular software and be required to follow compliance regulations. Working with a Managed Service Provider means getting the industry-specific help you need and making sure your systems are optimized for the sector you work in.

Future-Proofing with Managed IT Services

As well as handling your existing IT infrastructure, managed IT service providers future-proof your business by ensuring your tech infrastructure is ready for the latest developments and is scalable to match business growth. Working on outdated systems doesn’t just impact your efficiency and productivity; it creates a significant security risk too.

By taking a proactive approach and preparing your business for the short and long-term future, managed IT service providers enable you to offer the best possible service to your clients and customers, no matter how your business changes. While other firms will be playing catch-up, you will have the opportunity to secure a bigger share of the market when your business is utilizing the most advanced technological solutions.

Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider

When you retain a managed IT service provider, you are securing access to a wide range of tech experts. With varying specialties and expertise, your business can access the enhanced services it requires without creating its own IT department.

Of course, successfully managed IT services are dependent on the provider you choose. By selecting a firm that offers the widest range of services, you can ensure your business will always have the support it needs.

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