Our Cyber Security Services:

Endpoint Security

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Endpoints are one of the biggest targets for cyber criminals. Partner with Prytania to ensure your endpoints are protected before data breaches occur.

DNS Filtering

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DNS filters allow your business to set filtering parameters via an online portal, making it easier than ever for you to increase online security measures.

Cyber Security Assessment

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Our cybersecurity assessment team can identify, evaluate, and eliminate cyber weaknesses that could lead to potential threats.

Security Awareness Training

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Prytania’s video training series helps educate employees to understand the risks of their online behavior.

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The Internet provides businesses of all sizes to reach their target markets and enables them to work more efficiently by using computer-based tools. For companies using cloud computing or even just using email and maintaining a website, cybersecurity should always be a part of the plan. Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud, surpassing physical theft. Every business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence.

Endpoint Protection

Network endpoints include devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, and servers. With employees using company and personal devices for work, it’s vital to maintain endpoints as secure as possible since they provide access to your business’s confidential information and are one of the biggest targets for cyber criminals.

Cyber criminals are constantly discovering new ways to attack network endpoints and steal confidential data. From phishing emails to ransomware, cyber attacks are becoming more and more prevalent. Small businesses often fall into the trap of believing they’re not a target, but in reality, small businesses of less than 100 employees face just as much risk as large corporations with thousands of employees.

All businesses, regardless of their size, need dependable endpoint security that can combat modern cyber attacks. Susceptibility to breaches can take a hefty toll on your business’s reputation and customer trust. Additionally, most companies must comply with a set of privacy regulations, so bolstering your endpoint’s security measures is necessary if you want to avoid significant fines.

Prytania can provide first-class security measures for your business’s endpoints to ensure you maintain your reputation and avoid the damages that accompany a security breach.

DNS Filtering

Whatever the size of your business, uncontrolled Internet access can be a major hazard to your security. While endpoint protection is a necessary security measure, it can’t work alone to keep your business safe from cyber attacks. DNS protection and filtering for endpoints, servers, and other networked devices significantly lowers the risk of a data breach and could be the difference between survival and downfall for any business.

DNS filters allow your business to set filtering parameters via an online portal, which allows you to easily increase online security measures and protect your network. Using a cloud-based DNS security solution, we can stop a majority of threats by helping your business enforce web access policies and ensuring that you remain in compliance with privacy regulations.

We can perform a setup of the DNS filtering service for your business within minutes and provide low-cost subscription services each month to meet your needs and ensure maximum protection against cyber attacks.

Security Awareness Training

Even the most secure IT systems can’t compensate for a lack of security awareness amongst your staff. Many businesses may feel that their employees wouldn’t fall for a phishing scam or post secure information on social media, but the reality is that employee actions cause a majority of security breaches.

In fact, according to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Report, 90% of successful breaches were caused by user error. That’s why educating your employees on IT best practices and cybersecurity is a key component to maintaining a protected network within your business.

Prytania’s regular training for employees includes courses on security best practices, compliance education, and data protection. This training helps reduce the risk of phishing scams and other threats your employees may otherwise fall victim to. As you invest in giving your staff the IT and security know-how they need to protect your network security, the money you spend bolstering cybersecurity in other ways becomes even more worthwhile.

By educating employees, your business can drastically reduce the risk of a data breach and therefore a damaged reputation, decrease viruses and other malicious infections, and ensure your cybersecurity investment doesn’t go to waste.

Cybersecurity Assessment

One of the biggest challenges of strengthening your cybersecurity plan is knowing what its weaknesses are in the first place. Understanding where your organization stands relative to the latest cybersecurity threats is critical to successful operations.

Our cybersecurity assessment reviews all aspects of your security profile by providing a detailed evaluation of your network, email, endpoints, access control, data storage, and more. Each area will be documented with details about their current state and recommendations for appropriate improvements. Beyond learning crucial information about your network security, a secondary benefit of conducting this assessment is a potential reduction in cybersecurity insurance premiums.

By conducting a cybersecurity assessment with Prytania, your business can glean invaluable information regarding your network infrastructure and systems’ vulnerabilities. We understand that helping you discover the specific risks posed to your network can make all the difference when it comes to building a unique security plan with policies and procedures tailored to your business’s IT.